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Trading Platform

Trading Platform

Smart Contract Security Audit List

Audit Categories

1. Overflow Audit

2. Conditional Competition Audit

3. Permission Audit

3.1 Permission Vulnerability Audit

3.2 Excessive Authority Audit

Report DEMO

Audit Categories

4.Design Security Audit

Zeppelin Module Security Audit

Compiler Version Security Audit

Hardcoded Address Security Audit

Fallback Function Security Audit

Visible Code Security Audit

Function Return Value Security Audit

Call Functions Security Audit

Audit Categories

5. Denial Service Audit

6. Gas Optimization Audit

7. Design logic Audit

8. "Fake Recharge" Vulnerability Audit

9. Hack Event Log Audit

10. Variable Declaration and Scope Audit

11. Replay Attack Audit

11.1 ECDSA Signature Replay Audit

12. Uninitialized Storage Audit

13. Arithmetic Accuracy Audit


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DPTech is co-founded by several senior global security experts, and a core security R&D team with international first-line talents is committed to improving the overall security, privacy and usability of the blockchain ecosystem. By publishing industry trend reports and real-time monitoring of ecological security risks, it provides customers with visual solutions that meet international advanced security technology standards, and strengthens network security monitoring, early warning and defense capabilities. After years of accumulation of blockchain experience, DPTech has been recognized by dozens of well-known exchanges around the world.