Announcement Yield Farming 2.0(Website nothing to do with DPTech

Recently, the DPTech platform received numerous requests for help from users asking why their purchased 1GAS Tokens could not be sold. After investigation, it was found that the address of the audit company published on the official website of Yield Farming 2.0 (Website Address: 1gas. Pro) was, it is DPTech. Besides, it has put DPTech’s LOGO on its official website without permission, which seriously infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of DPTech.


In reponse, DPTechech declares as follows:

1. Yield Farming 2.0 (Website Address: 1gas. Pro) has nothing to do with DPTech.

The information provided on the website of Yield Farming 2.0 is false, which embezzles the name of our platform for fraud. DPTech has never audited any contract code of 1GAS. We reserve the right of legal recourse against DPTech for any reputation, economic or other damages caused by Yield Farming 2.0 (Website Address: 1gas. Pro)  

2. If you need to check whether the contract address is audited by DPTech, you can enter the official website and enter the audit code at the query entrance to check the relevant reports.

3. DPTech only conducts objective and fair audit on code vulnerabilities without making any evaluation on the specific operation status of the project. Please be vigilant and beware of being deceived. DPTech shall not be liable for the losses caused by investors' self purchase and sale or any economic and legal disputes arising therefrom.

Hereby declared.


Jan 5th, 2022

About Us

DPTech is co-founded by several senior European and American security experts, and a core security R&D team with international first-line talents is committed to improving the overall security, privacy and usability of the blockchain ecosystem. By publishing industry trend reports and real-time monitoring of ecological security risks, it provides customers with visual solutions that meet international advanced security technology standards, and strengthens network security monitoring, early warning and defense capabilities. After years of accumulation of blockchain experience, DPTech has been recognized by dozens of well-known exchanges around the world.
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