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According to news on December 23, the central authoritative website published an article "How the Metaverse Rewrites Human Social Life". The article explained what the Metaverse is and why the Metaverse can go out of the circle. It also mentioned that it is necessary to "a rational view of the new round brought about by the Metaverse." The technological revolution and its impact on society should not be underestimated in 5-10 years, nor should it be overestimated in 1-2 years." Now let us read the original text.


The upcoming year 2021 is called the first year of the meta universe.

From "surfing" using only computer wired networks to connecting to the Internet with smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets anytime and anywhere, the impact of the mobile Internet era is still fresh in memory. Right now, although the concept of the successor "meta universe" is not yet clear, it cannot be prevented from becoming the focus of attention of all parties.

What is the meta universe? What are its birth background and main characteristics, and what changes will it bring to people's social life? How to correctly understand the opportunities and risks and create a good ecological environment for the development of the industry? This reporter interviewed relevant experts.

There is no single technology called "metauniverse" in the world. Metaverse is a combination and upgrade of various existing technologies, which can be understood as a "3D version of the Internet"

In the eyes of a thousand people, there are a thousand meta universes.

The imagination of the meta universe began with the science fiction novel "Avalanche" published in 1992. The book describes a virtual world called Metaverse. As long as people connect through a public entrance, they can enter it as a virtual "avatar" and start another life different from the real world. In recent years, with the advancement of global science and technology, the connotation and extension of the metaverse have continued to evolve.


The movie "Number One Player", released in 2018, is believed to present the meta-universe form most in line with today's human imagination. In the movie, the male protagonist wears a VR helmet and can enter another extremely realistic virtual game world-"Oasis". The picture shows the "Number One Player" poster.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes: “Meta universe is a vision that spans many companies and even the entire technology industry. You can regard it as the successor to the mobile Internet.” Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun believes: “The real world and the The meta universe is connected."

Generally speaking, the meta-universe is a virtual world that is based on the Internet, connects with the real world, and exists in parallel. It is a virtual space that can map the real world and is independent of the real world. It is not a single closed universe, but a constantly colliding and expanding digital universe composed of countless virtual worlds and digital contents. "We believe that the development direction of Meta Universe should be a 100% penetration and uninterrupted use of the Internet form 24 hours a day." Kong Rong, chief analyst of Global Technology at Tianfeng Securities, said that Meta Universe can be understood as a "3D version of the Internet." ", that is, to obtain an immersive experience through the 3D representation of the Internet.

"From the perspective of various concepts, Metaverse is a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates multiple new technologies." Shen Yang, executive director of the New Media Research Center of Tsinghua University, believes that Metaverse combines the virtual world with the real world. The economic system, social system, and identity system are closely integrated, and each user is allowed to carry out content production and world editing.

Shenyang introduced to reporters that there is no single technology called "metauniverse" in the world. Metaverse is a combination and upgrade of various existing technologies. In his view, Metaverse has three core technologies, namely, extended reality technology, digital twin technology and blockchain technology, and there may be explosive and exponential growth in the future.

For example, the extended reality technology provides an immersive experience by VR and AR, which can solve problems that cannot be solved by mobile phones. Digital twin technology can mirror the real world into the virtual world, which means that in the meta-universe, people can see their virtual clones. With the further development of the metaverse, the degree of simulation of the entire real society is strengthened. After building an economic system with blockchain technology, people may not only spend money in the metaverse, but may also make money.

"As a new thing, the metaverse is still a concept that is constantly evolving and evolving, and different participants continue to enrich its meaning in their own way." Shen Yang said.

Multiple factors have promoted Metaverse from concept to popularity, which can bring development opportunities for the integration of games and social interaction, retail and e-commerce links, industrial Internet, etc.

Although the concept has been around for a long time, it wasn't until this year that Metaverse truly "out of the circle." In March of this year, Roblox, known as the first stock of Meta Universe, was officially listed in New York, USA; in October, the American social media giant Facebook announced that it was renamed "Meta"; recently, Microsoft, Apple, Well-known domestic and foreign companies, such as Tencent, Huawei, and Adidas, may enter high-key or low-key related industries.

It can be said that the meta-universe wave has swept the world, and both traditional industries and technology giants have shown a keen interest in becoming the "top player". In essence, Metaverse is not an academic concept, but is promoted by all aspects of the industry and investment circles.


In October of this year, the American social media giant Facebook announced that it was renamed "Meta" to focus on the meta universe. The picture shows people posing in front of the "Yuan" sign in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Image source: Xinhua News Agency)

Undoubtedly, this year is the year when Metaverse moved from concept to popularity. The reason behind it is worth pondering.

"2020 is a critical point in human history for virtualization. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people's lives have undergone tremendous changes." Shenyang analyzed that on the one hand, the epidemic has accelerated social virtualization. Under the epidemic prevention and control measures, " The "home economy" is developing rapidly; on the other hand, online life has changed from the original short-term exceptional state to become the norm, making more needs that cannot be achieved in the real society be met by online methods.

Specifically, the epidemic has forced the elderly to go online, and people far away from the Internet are online; in daily work, people are more accustomed to using online conference software to meet and discuss business; with basic water and electricity guarantees, the popularity of home appliances, and the Internet With the adequate supply of information, the epidemic is driving the "virtualized survival of otaku and otaku"...... These changes have paved the way for 2021 to become the first year of the meta universe.

Kong Rong also listed two reasons: First, the global Internet penetration rate has reached a high level, user dividends are gradually losing, and users have more in-depth, rich and diverse needs for a more immersive virtual world; second, VR/AR hardware, Key technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, and cloud computing are gradually developing and iterating.

"For example, suppose we come back from a trip to Huangshan. If the family wants to know if Huangshan is fun, he can only see photos and videos on his mobile phone. If it is in the meta-universe era, I can put the location and space, including space All the three-dimensional objects in it are shared with him. He can immediately enter this space through the corresponding equipment and get a feeling similar to mine. An immersive experience based on extended reality like this will naturally be welcomed." Shen Yang said.

In theory, we can reproduce everything offline to the online, which is the ultimate state of the meta universe. From the current point of view, the following areas are easier to be digitized and are worthy of everyone's attention.

The first scenario is the combination of gaming and social interaction, which may give birth to the next generation of Douyin or WeChat. The current social platform is 2D social networking, which mostly conveys graphic information, but we usually hang out with friends, whether it is eating, watching a movie, or watching a concert. In addition to the content itself, it is also a social interaction. Especially under the epidemic situation, isolation makes offline interaction difficult, and virtualized social platforms have strong user needs.

The second scenario is retail and e-commerce. Our current shopping is more about using Taobao, Douyin, and "planting grass" through Xiaohongshu. In the process of shopping, most of them are in the form of pictures and videos, and there is no sense of 3D. In the future, due to the emergence of a new form of e-commerce in Metaverse, offline blocks will be reproduced online, making users seem to be shopping in real blocks, walking to different shops, and choosing with the help of virtual salespersons. commodity.

Meta Universe also has strong application scenarios in the Industrial Internet. In early 2021, BMW and NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform cooperated to build a digital factory, using digital twin technology to achieve online testing, improving the accuracy and efficiency of the planning process, and the efficiency of the planning phase increased by about 30%, and the vehicle manufacturing phase reached one every 56 seconds. vehicle. In August 2021, Tesla engineers also showed how to build a digital scene, simulate real camera data, and allow artificial intelligence to perform simulation tests and fittings in it.

"So, don't narrowly understand Metaverse as a social gaming platform. If it can make our real world more 3D and three-dimensional, the efficiency will be greatly improved and the distance between people will be shortened." Kong Rong said that the ultimate immersive interactive experience can bring people an experience far beyond the 2D era. Life, industry, society, and technological iteration will greatly improve efficiency, and labor costs, resource costs, time costs, transaction costs, etc. are also expected to be reduced.

A rational view of the new round of technological revolution brought by the meta universe and its impact on society, do not underestimate the opportunities in 5-10 years, nor the evolution and changes in 1-2 years

As the topic of meta-universe became hot, some routines using related concepts to "cash money" have also emerged in endlessly. As of mid-November, my country has applied for more than 4,300 Yuan universe trademarks, involving nearly 700 companies, of which 99.9% of the trademarks were registered and applied this year.


In March 2021, Roblox, known as the "Meta Universe First Share", was officially listed in New York, USA. Roblox is a platform that integrates game creation and large-scale community interaction. Players can chat, interact and create with friends through the game. The picture shows the Roblox game poster.

Many people in the industry believe that although Metaverse has pointed out the direction for the future of the Internet industry, there is also a big bubble in Metaverse.

The integration of virtuality and reality has become a major trend in the development of the Internet, but the meta-universe industry is still in the early stages of development, and it is still far away from large-scale productization. Needless to say, the metaverse industry has the characteristics of immaturity and instability of emerging industries, and there are still some potential risks. In Shenyang's view, the conceptual layout of Metaverse is still focused on expanding reality and game social fields. The technology ecology and content ecology are not yet mature, and the scene entry needs to be expanded. There is still a long "de-bubble" process between ideal vision and reality development. .

Shenyang cited the following risks to reporters: Capital manipulation, there are still many uncertainties in the meta-universe in the embryonic stage, and industries and markets need to return to rationality. We should be wary of capital pursuit of profit by creating new concepts, speculating on new outlets, and attracting new investment. Inertial operation; touted by public opinion, the meta-universe industry is still in the foundation-laying stage of the "social + game" scenario application. It is far from achieving the ideal state of full industry coverage and ecological openness, economic self-consistent, and virtual and real interoperability. We should be wary of irrational public opinion bubbles Bringing irrational stock market shocks; economic risks. To a certain extent, Metaverse also provides a more concealed manipulation space for the financial harvesting of giant capital. Financial supervision needs to expand from the real world to the virtual world. In addition, Metaverse also has risks to varying degrees in terms of ethics, monopoly, computing power, privacy, addiction, and knowledge-producing areas.

Kong Rong believes that the new round of technological revolution brought by Metaverse and its impact on society should be viewed rationally. The current market’s doubts about Metaverse mainly come from the immaturity and matching of the hardware conditions and network environment of the technology implementation. The key technologies such as computing power, platform, and network construction to build the ultimate metaverse still need a long time to be perfected.

At present, some companies hype the concept of meta-universe and the real meta-universe is quite different, and it is necessary to remove the false and keep the truth and make careful judgments. From the perspective of the industry, Metaverse will become the goal of next-generation Internet development for a long period of time, which depends on the core technology breakthroughs, technological evolution and changes in the underlying technology and computing power.

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