What are the current applications that can be realized by Metaverse?

The meta-universe is the second world that humans will live in in the future and can exist in parallel with reality.

In an ideal state, the meta-universe can break the boundaries of physical space, not only for entertainment and social interaction, but also for a comprehensive and seamless connection between our lives and the digital world. It is the freedom of people to participate and work together with independent digital identities. The possible digital world of life. To get to this point, we still have a long way to go in terms of hardware equipment and technical conditions.

But at least it is certain that we are now at the start of the construction of the metaverse, because the more mature blockchain technology has greatly promoted the establishment of the decentralized identity system of the metaverse, and at the same time the continuous evolution of NFT technology, It also provides strong support for the meta-universe value system. VR/AR as a basic hardware device, 5G, 6G, and even 7G technology as the basis of communication, as a brain-nerve link technology for interaction between reality and virtual, has a large head Under the leadership of the factory, breakthroughs have been made continuously.


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At present, the Metaverse industry and the Metaverse market are showing huge application scenarios and future potential. Famous domestic and foreign companies are deploying one after another, trying to seize the leading position. So, in the early stage of the current meta-universe construction, what are some of the early applications of the meta-universe that have been realized? Let's take a look.

Virtual exhibition hall

Most of the current virtual exhibition halls are open worlds based on real 3D and virtual reality technologies. In this world, there is a highly interactive 3D virtual reality environment. The virtual exhibition halls are completely based on the Internet. You don’t need to download software to participate as long as you use a browser. CHAUMET has joined 17 museums in 5 countries to create a virtual exhibition hall for treasures in the 18th century. The development of virtual exhibition hall technology has allowed exhibits from all over the world to gather in one place. Now we can enjoy the differences from all over the world online without leaving home. Special exhibition hall, interested friends can copy the link to browse the virtual exhibition hall of CHAUMET 18th Century Treasure Exhibition:


As early as July 2018, the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has begun the construction of the art museum’s exhibition bidding and display digital system, and is committed to building a "smart venue" supported by informatization and digital technology. The system is currently in 2019. Trial operation started in July of 2009. The Tongling Municipal Government even started to build the Digital Copper Museum of China (DMCB) in 2016. The goal is to share the cultural resources of ancient Chinese bronzes and bronzes on a global scale-especially those cultural relics lost overseas. The website is currently available It will be opened at the end of 2020.

Compared with traditional exhibition halls, what are the characteristics of virtual exhibition halls?

First, there is no space restriction on the virtual exhibition hall. Before the traditional exhibition hall is constructed, there is a problem of site selection and planning. Generally speaking, the first conditions will involve a large amount of rent and decoration costs, which will inevitably become a factor that companies have to consider.

Second, the virtual exhibition hall is not restricted by the manufacturing process. Designers can display their products in a more dazzling way, without having to consider their construction techniques like traditional exhibition halls.

Third, the virtual exhibition hall is easy to maintain and expand. The content displayed by the enterprise will continue to change with the development of the business. Once the traditional exhibition hall is completed, the content needs to be re-decorated, while the virtual exhibition hall only needs to be re-rendered.

Fourth, the virtual exhibition hall has unlimited expansion of interactivity. Traditional exhibition halls want to add multimedia such as sound and light to produce interactive effects with the audience, which often takes a lot of effort, while the virtual exhibition hall designer can create a variety of wonderful interactive effects with the help of the function of the virtual engine.

Fifth, the virtual exhibition hall is easy to spread. Traditional exhibition halls require customers to come to experience it on the spot, while virtual exhibition halls can break the limitations of time and place, and combine online and offline to complement each other and complement each other.

These also allow us to see the infinite possibilities of the virtual exhibition hall. Although we can only log in to the virtual exhibition hall through a browser, we believe that in the future, we can also experience the effect of offline exhibitions when visiting the virtual exhibition hall. The content displayed is not only displaying artworks and cultural relics, but all digital assets.

Virtual characters

Everyone is familiar with virtual characters. The fictitious characters in TV series, movies, comics, games and other creative works are all well-known. With the development of the Internet and live broadcast, the use of dynamic capture programs to achieve the combination of virtual images and real people has appeared. Characters-such as Tsinghua’s Hua Zhibing, 26 virtual characters who competed in the "2060" Ring City, the anchor Kizuna AI with 2.3 million fans on YouTube, etc., the popular virtual beauty expert Liu on Douyin Ye Xi has gained millions of fans with just one video.

According to the "2020 White Paper on Virtual Digital Human Development" from the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance, virtual digital humans refer to virtual humans with a digital appearance that will rely on display devices to exist, and have human appearances, human behaviors, and human thoughts. (Able to communicate with people).

In fact, virtual characters are not unique to the meta-universe track, but meta-universe has driven the upsurge of virtual people to a certain extent. Insiders pointed out that there is a natural relationship between the two-the realization of the role in the metaverse requires virtual human technology. The main components of the meta-universe scene are the digital environment and virtual characters. The latter, as the connection point between the real world and virtual space-time, will become the main participant in each scene of the meta-universe.

So what should the virtual characters in the meta-universe era look like? We believe that he will become a second identity outside of our reality. You can appear in any form you imagine, become the incarnation of our personality, and participate in various activities in the meta-universe together in the future. In fact, as early as 2019, the virtual character Luo Tianyi played the song "Dalabang" with Xue Zhiqian at the New Year's Eve party of Jiangsu Satellite TV. We believe that there will be more virtual characters with artificial intelligence incarnations in the future. Join us in various social activities in the meta-universe. We work, communicate, and interact with artificial intelligence, which will gradually become our daily routine, which is very cyberpunk when you think about it.

Virtual characters can break all previous commercial boundaries, and are not limited by time, place, or skills, allowing many imaginations to fall into reality. This kind of content that can be infinitely exaggerated and extremely crazy, with virtual characters as the carrier, is the future that users look forward to. From the perspective of the brand, virtual characters are easier to control than real people, and will not be too much affected by changes in public opinion; from the perspective of content production efficiency, virtual characters content production is more efficient, with larger imagination space and greater error tolerance. high.

Although there are still many uncertainties in the meta universe, we believe that in the near future, these imaginations will be realized in the real meta universe. In the next article, we will talk about other applications of the meta universe in the future. Welcome everyone's attention and Collecting excellent copyrights, we are willing to walk with you on this journey to the meta universe.

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