"Anhui Copyright Online" officially launched operation, using blockchain technology

On November 25, Anhui Province’s new copyright registration service system "Anhui Copyright Online" was officially launched. At present, the service area of "Huifeng Wanyun" for small and medium enterprises on this platform can provide public welfare assistance for the protection of cultural and creative products and deposit certificates of small and medium enterprises across the province.


"Anhui Copyright Online" is the latest high-tech platform developed by the Anhui Copyright Trading Center and Anhui Cultural Property Exchange (Anhui Cultural Property Exchange for short). The actual situation of registration was launched to solve the problems of insufficient professional means of content copyright and storage, cumbersome and time-consuming operation of the old registration system, slow confirmation of rights, poor monitoring capabilities, and insufficient trading functions.

According to the person in charge, the new platform of "Anhui Copyright Online" uses blockchain technology and fingerprint recognition technology to realize 24-hour deposit of digital copyright. And for copyright owners, they can apply, review, and deposit evidence online from multiple dimensions such as the name of the work, sample, author, and copyright owner.

At the same time, the platform also provides electronic integration process services for registration, right confirmation, and certificate issuance. One-click upload of materials, batch review in the background, and rapid generation of copyright certificates. "Anhui Copyright Online" has also developed a mobile WeChat applet to connect to the WeChat official account of the Anhui Cultural Exchange, so that right holders can quickly register and deposit certificates anytime, anywhere. .

In the platform's service area for small, medium and micro enterprises "Huifeng Wanyun". All small, medium and micro enterprises operating and registered in Anhui can enjoy free deposit protection of copyright blockchain, free infringement monitoring on the whole network, and free letter of rights protection through this platform. Obtained litigation rights protection, regular monitoring and maintenance of value-added services, the platform predicts that 170,000 copyright registered works will be completed throughout 2021.

At the launching ceremony, the Anhui Provincial Cultural Exchange stated that the next step will be to establish a comprehensive digital copyright database based on the collection of copyright products inside and outside the province, carry out digital copyright transactions, explore the operation of copyright digital collections, and integrate the resources of the copyright industry in Anhui based on scientific and technological means. , In order to realize the comprehensive and high-quality development of copyright and other intellectual property rights protection transactions in Anhui Province, and lay a solid industrial foundation.

Anhui Provincial Cultural Property Exchange (Provincial Copyright Trading Center) was established in 2010 and is affiliated to Hefei City. In January of this year, with the approval of the provincial government, the Anhui Cultural Exchange was officially upgraded from a municipal platform to a provincial platform through capital increase and share expansion. It is controlled and operated by Anhui Provincial Cultural Investment and Operation Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive provincial-level cultural property rights transaction service. mechanism.

After the capital increase and share expansion are completed, the Anhui Culture and Exchange Institute will quickly determine cultural property rights transactions and bidding purchases, cultural copyright transactions, cultural product sales and services, data assets and financial services based on extensive investigations in the early stage and combined with the actual development of the cultural industry in Anhui Province. Large business sector, and quickly completed the formation of the operation team. As of November 15, the transaction volume was 430 million yuan, and 81,000 copyright registered works had been completed.

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of the bank-enterprise docking, Anhui Cultural Exchange has also given full play to its role as a platform and united financial institutions to provide diversified services such as evaluation, guarantee, pledge, and pawn.


In addition, the Anhui Cultural Exchange and China Radio and Television Anhui Network Co., Ltd. have also cooperated to establish Anhui Cultural Big Data Company in accordance with the deployment of the national cultural big data system, and take the lead in the construction of Anhui Cultural Big Data Center and the construction of a large cultural database in the province. By investing in the construction of cultural digital production lines, we will accelerate key technological breakthroughs in the fields of cultural data collection, storage, cleaning, analysis, exploration, visualization, and standardization, and realize data confirmation, transaction, settlement and payment, and create data oriented to various fields of "culture +" Trading and conversion platform.

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