Have you issued blockchain invoices? The 3rd anniversary of the launch of Shenzhen blockchain electr

On August 10, blockchain electronic invoice ushered in the third anniversary of its implementation in Shenzhen. In the past three years, blockchain electronic invoice has applied blockchain technology to the tax field for the first time, realizing "transaction is Invoicing, full information chaining and whole process connection", improving the scientific, refined and intelligent level of tax management services, and providing convenient, green and modern invoice services for Shenzhen citizens.

Up to now, block chain electronic invoices in Shenzhen have been connected to more than 32000 enterprises, and the system has issued more than 58 million invoices, with an average daily invoice of more than 120000, with a cumulative invoice amount of nearly 80 billion yuan, covering many industries such as retail, catering, transportation, real estate, medical treatment, Internet and so on.


In 2018, the State Administration of Taxation and Shenzhen Qianhai Taxation Bureau took the lead in applying blockchain technology to the invoice field. In August of the same year, Shenzhen International Trade revolving restaurant issued the country's first blockchain electronic invoice. Electronic invoice replaces the original paper invoice. Compared with traditional paper invoice, blockchain electronic invoice has the advantages of simple invoicing process, convenient storage, process boundary and paperless reimbursement reconciliation. Once launched, it has aroused widespread repercussions in the country.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, many enterprises had the problem of "shortage of invoices". Taking advantage of the characteristics of contactless electronic invoicing of blockchain, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau actively promoted the popularization of electronic invoices of blockchain and launched "non-contact" tax payment service in combination with local actual conditions, so that enterprises do not need to go to the tax hall through No. 0 You can get the invoice by filling in forms and other cumbersome methods.


Recently, the International Standard Recommended Practice for the application of electronic invoice based on blockchain technology, which was initiated by nearly 10 institutions including the State Administration of Taxation, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau, the State Grid, the Third Research Institute of public security and Tencent, was officially confirmed and issued by ieee-sa (Institute of electrical and electronic engineers Standards Association), It has become the world's first international standard for blockchain based electronic invoice application and the first international standard for domestic tax system, making Chinese contributions to standardizing and guiding global blockchain electronic invoice application.

The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Taxation Bureau said that the third anniversary is an important node in the development process of blockchain electronic invoice. In the future, we will continue to make in-depth exploration, be a "pioneer" in transforming blockchain technology into management service efficiency, a "booster" of economic and social development enabled by blockchain technology, and a "supplier" of service products with blockchain technology as the core, Create a model of informatization "cloud project" in Shenzhen and contribute to the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district and the first demonstration area in the new era.

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